About Us

Like the invention of the light bulb or the two piece bikini, the MUDL brand was born out of necessity, and like the two aforementioned inventions, it is set to take its place as an innovation the universe can ill do without. Soon there will be no need to labour in vain over a dead-end cocktail recipe, or spend your quiet moments in frustrated contemplation over the origins of the Slippery Nipple. We will be your muse when creativity deserts you, your teacher when you don’t know stuff and your soap box when you have something to say!

The MUDL brand was launched to the public as the first liquor and lifestyle magazine in South Africa that paid particular attention to the country's cocktail industry and the people that comprised it. And even if you're more interested in the appreciation of the finished product than actually mixing the drinks, that includes you. Whether you're a bartender, brand custodian, business owner or simply someone with a taste for quality liquor, MUDL was devised with you in mind. And as you might expect, the planning that culminated in that fateful day in September 2011 when the first magazine came off the press was immense.

Fast forward to the present day and the MUDL brand is showing no signs of slowing down. The magazine continues to grow after a year, a cocktail annual has been published and there is even a MUDL Bar Show on the horizon.


The MUDL Revolution is underway. Join us, and DRINK IN THE LIQUID LIFESTYLE!