24 March 2016 09:44

An Easter treasure hunt for adults

For those of us who have left childhood behind but still yearn to search for hidden loot, Van Ryn's Distillery in Stellenbosch have given the old treasure hunt a contemporary twist.

With a nod to the geocache phenomenon which is an outdoor recreational activity where participants use Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates to find hidden containers called "geocaches" or "caches"; Van Ryn's have hidden a cache somewhere on their property, but this particular cache holds the key to a valuable treasure.

Housed in a small waterproof container, the Van Ryn's cache contains a logbook, pen and a secret password which entitles the finder to claim a free bottle of award-winning Van Ryn's 10-year old Vintage Brandy. The only clue to its whereabouts will be GPS coordinates that lead to within one metre of the cache, which is not buried, but carefully hidden just out of sight.

Keep an eye out on Van Ryn's Facebook page to find out the GPS coordinates which will be shared with the public for the first time on March 18. The brandy treasure hunt will run from March 19 until March 31 and the first person to find the cache on any of these days will be entitled to claim their bottle of brandy from Van Ryn's Distillery. If the bottle of brandy has already been claimed on a particular day, one free tasting will be offered to those who still find the cache on the same day.

In order to claim the treasured Van Ryn's 10-year old Vintage Brandy or a free tasting at the distillery, one must simply find the hidden cache, log their details in the logbook and quietly quote the secret password found inside the cache to the reception desk Van Ryn's Distillery.

To stand a chance of finding your own hidden treasure this Easter, follow Van Ryn's Facebook page www.facebook.com/vanryns and keep an eye out for the GPS coordinates clues on March 18.

Prizes are limited to one bottle of Van Ryn's 10-Year Old Vintage Brandy per day, and one free tasting per group. All winners must be 18 years or over.