10 March 2016 12:49


8 March 2016 – Cointreau, the triple sec produced in Saint-Barthélemy-d'Anjou, France, pioneers their way by launching the official Cointreau Creative Crew initiative in South Africa as part of the worldwide philanthropist programme. The Creative Crew R100 000 Grant Scheme will encourage champion creatives to make their dreams a reality.

The Cointreau Creative Crew is made up of influential game-changer ladies that are independent, chic and fabulous. This concept aims to inspire women to fulfil their dreams and dare to be creative in realising those dreams. This will develop an exclusive communication platform with the sole purpose of empowering women. The concept of the Cointreau Creative Crew was launched last year in Europe and it was a huge success thus making its way to South Africa. This makes South Africa the very first country outside Europe in which they are launching the Cointreau Creative Crew.

Furthermore, the Grant Scheme will take place where one entrepreneur will be awarded a R100 000 bursary to support a creative project of their own. Creatives within the art, music, design, film, food or even cocktail industry can apply for the Grant. The program is open to all creatives who have a dream they want to materialise: whether it's launching a clothing line, opening your own restaurant, becoming a professional photographer or filmmaker.
The Cointreau Creative Crew Grant Scheme Grand Finale will take place early next year, where the Grand Jury will meet with the ten finalists in person, before crowning the winner of the R100 000 Grant Scheme.
The Grand Jury will select a winner according to Cointreau Creative Crew's #dreamdarecreate criteria.

DREAM: how ambitious, avant-garde and authentic are you?
DARE: how innovative and driven are you?
CREATE: the quality of your presentation and the quantity of elements created to make your dreams come true.

Bringing a prestigious concept such as Cointreau Creative Crew marks South Africa as a force to be reckoned with. For more information and imagery from the European launch; please visit: http://creativecrew.cointreau.com/

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