25 November 2015 18:26


New to the South African market, Perfect Sense is a range of cocktail mixes and cordials designed to meet the needs of the commercial bar owner.

Running a restaurant or a bar is a balancing act between keeping customers happy, costs down and profits up. The principle is simple, yet it can be difficult to get right. Perfect Sense is designed to help you make your bar profitable.

Here are a few ways in which using Perfect Sense will help make you money:

  • PRICE – Perfect Sense's competitive pricing saves you money.
  • QUALITY – Perfect Sense's high quality fruit content will give your drinks a fresh flavour that will delight your customers.
  • EASE OF USE – Bartenders of all skill levels are able to produce great drinks time after time with minimal training.
  • NO WASTAGE – The long shelf life and pour-control nozzle means every drop should end up in your drinks and not down the drain, along with your profits.
  • YEAR-ROUND AVAILABILITY – Gone are the days of having to disappoint customers due the scarcity of fruit out of season.
  • RANGE – With 11 different flavours to choose from, it's a good bet that Perfect Sense will have your cocktail mix requirements covered.

With Perfect Sense, your bar will be making quality drinks quickly and easily, with juicy margins and almost no wastage. As a value-add, Perfect Sense provides support such as staff training and menu development free of charge.

For more information or to place an order, contact Cool Wines at:

  • Gauteng - 011 5314700
  • Western & Eastern Cape & Garden Route - 021 492 2055
  • KZN - 031 705 9510

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