24 March 2016 10:09

So Happy Carnival Launches In Cape Town

Carnival! Just the word itself forms magic images of colourful celebration; a party that has no limits -clowns and jugglers, costumed guests dancing to non-stop joyous music, a festival for adults sharing in day of spontaneous fun. Tables laden with food and drink, stalls that offer exotic opportunities and challenges, performers creating music, dance and spectacular moves, fashion to enthrall the senses! Overall, a sense of freedom, joy and laughter pervades.

And the best news of all: So Happy Carnival has come to Cape Town!

The first So Happy Carnival launches on the 9th April at the magical Riverside Estates in beautiful, stylish Hout Bay, and it promises to be the event of year. It will be an extravaganza of music, combined with dazzling performers showing off breathtaking skills, and beautiful guests costumed in Carnival style to participate in the non-stop fun, laughter and entertainment. Dress up and become a part of the creative show. It will be a Carnival where every person present will feature as part of the performance, where each guest can live out their festive fantasies in an environment designed to encourage joyful participation: dancing, singing, eating, drinking or just chilling with a smile. And just to add to the festivities a jaw dropping line-up of top DJ's will be playing captivating beats to keep energised feet dancing throughout the event.

The Carnival's artistic freedom of design and performance will be combined with an air of adventure to bring out the hidden child that resides in all of us: who knows what can be achieved when normality is suspended and Carnival rules apply? So Happy Carnival was conceptualised by Voltz Events Management with their enthusiastic team of professionals who will ensure that guests are treated like Carnival Royalty from the time they arrive until the time they depart.

The Carnival effect goes beyond the day, too. So Happy have a powerful charitable drive to their productions, and beneficiaries include The Smile Foundation – whose aim is to bring the smiles back to children challenged by severe facial conditions – and So Happy work in tandem with Generosity Water, a premium water brand whose aim is to help alleviate the crippling global water crisis. As the beautiful people of Cape Town dance through a glorious day, they can celebrate in the knowledge that their fun is helping to bringing smiles to young faces, and water to parched lips.

So Happy Carnival is here, and here to stay. Each year we will add to the legend that So Happy Carnivals promise to become: be there at the conception in 2016!

Carnival: a time for you to play, to dance, to suspend yourself above the harsh world for twelve glorious hours and celebrate in a rainbow lit cloud of music, fun, laughter and interactive pursuits. Bring your partner; bring your friends. Dress in your own interpretation of Carnival style and take a day out-of-time. Who knows – come alone and you might even meet the beautiful harlequin of your dreams as you dance through a day of delights.

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